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LG Water Purifier Tankless

Users of LG PuriCare tankless water purifier can check on water usage via a mobile application.

“Both innovations embody our dedication to delivering safer water in the home and unparalleled customer care.

“Since 2016, we have discontinued our water purifier range with tanks and the PuriCare tankless water purifier has been reaping success.

“We see a 40% growth annually in Korea,” Jeong said.

“There is stiff competition in Malaysia but we are currently raising brand awareness and with the water purifier’s unique selling point, we are confident of striving on in the Malaysian market,” he said during a press conference after touring the LG Research and Development Centre in Changwon, South Korea.


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LG Puricare Asia , Malaysia , Kedah , Sungai Petani , Perlis ,Perak  Kuala Lumpur ,Selangor ,Rawang ,Klang ,Melaka Johor. Penapis AIr LG PuriCare Malaysia.Penapis Air Tanpa Tangki LG Puricare.

LG PuriCare Water Purifiers are a great addition to your home, ensuring you drink only fresh, pure water free of harmful contaminants.
They can hold an unlimited supply of room temperature water as well as dispensing hot and cold water. The UV Self-Care function runs for 5 minutes per hour, and there is a convenient light that comes on when a filter change is required.
Our 3-stage filtration system filters out any impurities, bacteria and chemicals to guarantee you safe drinking water. See how LG Water Filtration Systems can make your life easier, safer and healthier.


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LG Puricare Tankless juga adalah penapis air yang menggunakan teknologi tanpa tangki yang menapis air secara terus daripada saluran bagi mengurangkan risiko pembiakan mikroorganisma di mana peralatan itu boleh dikawal dan dipantau dengan menggunakan aplikasi pintar  APP SmartThinQ . 

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Hot, cold, ambient


rantel : RM110

outright : RM4700





Rantel : RM70

outright : RM3500